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Our substantial risk appetite, generous global capacity and exceptional staff with local experience and authority give us the edge in finding solutions to complex insurance risks. 

Specialist knowledge of the risk and the policy

We work closely with our underwriters and risk engineers to understand the product and our clients’ needs.

Prompt settlement

We look for ways to pay claims fairly and promptly.

Valued customer relationships

We listen to our brokers and clients and support them when they need us most.

We believe that insurers exist to pay valid claims. That’s why our claims team is an integral part of business at Liberty. We build long-term relationships with our customers through listening to their individual needs and supporting them when they need us most.

Working side-by-side with our underwriters and engineers to understand the policy and the client – and what is important to them – brings a unified approach to customer service. The claims team boasts specialist skills, including financial and legal training, and each member of the team has been selected for their wealth of experience gained locally and internationally, as well as their technical, communication and negotiation skills.

Our team has significant local authority and collectively more than 300 years of claims experience – and it shows in the way we do business. We take a pragmatic, realistic approach to claim resolution: where a claim is to be paid, we pay quickly; where we have supporting evidence to defend a claim, we are not afraid to do so.

All claims are managed efficiently and with the minimum of fuss: we aim to make well-informed decisions, mitigate losses, deliver high-quality defences, and settle claims in a timely manner.

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