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Liberty International underwriters has curated a range of thought provoking articles and viewpoints on the lines of business we write. Hear direct from our subject matter experts, and learn what they are observing in the market.

Topics covered in the series include environmental, climate change, civil penalties, corporate insolvency, shareholder class actions and project alliancing risks.

Sailing into shallow waters?

In this article, we explore the current performance of the boat building and repair industry in Australia, and where it is heading. 

Road and bridge construction in Australia

The road and bridge construction industry may be ‘mature’, but is nonetheless burgeoning, with industry revenues predicted to climb to new height ...

Oil and gas extraction in Australia

Industry revenues are predicted to reach more than AU$61 billion by 2021-22, even in the face of stabilising oil and gas prices, driven largely by an ex ...

Civil penalties

Regulators are increasingly using civil penalty proceedings rather than criminal proceedings to punish breaches of the Trade Practices A...

Climate change

It is important to recognise that today, climate change and its effects is one of the most significant emerging risks facing almost every industry globa...

Corporate insolvency

Insolvent trading is a serious offence which can have severe consequences in Australia for executive and non-executive directors, including personal pecuniar...

Environmental risk

This three-part white paper discusses some major environmental risks and how ever tougher environmental legislation could affect Australia...

Project alliancing

The trend towards project alliancing is a big issue for government, major developers, construction companies, architects, project managers, and all kinds of ...

Shareholder class actions

Australia is now the second most likely jurisdiction, outside North America, in which a company will face a ...
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